mtnl1The Panvel municipal Council has started its development work in several parts of the city. Unfortunately, the work is being carried out in such a haphazard manner that MTNL cables have been disconnected inconveniencing several MTNL consumers of the node. The Panvel Municipal Council has started its development work on a large scale in Navi Mumbai. The development work is also seeing a lot of digging work in several nodes. Unfortunately, due to the negligence of the contractor of the Council, MTNL cable wires were disconnected severely hitting telephone lines in areas like Panvel’s HOC Colony, Panvel bus depot and Bhingari area along with other nearby areas. MTNL administration has even contacted the Panvel Municipal Council but haven’t received any positive response as of yet. Speaking to NMTV news, MTNL Division Officer R R Pathak alleged that the council had a lax attitude towards the problem. He also informed that during the digging work when cables were cut, the contractor simply covered it with mud rather than notifying them. This has made it difficult for them to locate the fault. He also stated that when the Council should atleast inform about their development works so that they can send a MTNL officer for proper directions. He also assured of restarting telephone lines as soon as possible. When we spoke to the Chief Officer of Panvel Municipal Council Anil Dongre, he stated that MTNL administration had not received a diagram from MTNL and hence did not know where the cable wires lie. When we asked if the contractors who were covering the disconnected wires will be acted upon, this is what he said. With the negligence of the contractor of Panvel Municipal Council, MTNL consumers and officers are today hassled and hence, rather than the Chief officer simply assuring action on the contractor, effective and immediate action should be taken on them. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Anil More for NMTV News.

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