nerul-temple-2Over a period of time, Navi Mumbai has gained fame for its cleanliness and beauty and in this row it has also emerged as the true symbol of secularism. One such node that has religious centres of all communities is Nerul. We take you on a tour of this node. Take a look. Modern city Navi Mumbai has emerged as a well designed and structured city. It has also evolved as a secular hub, a thriving metropolitan with the architecture of temples, mosques, and churches to add to its beauty. One such node that boosts of this beauty if Nerul. Different religions and communities like the Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jain, and Christian live here together with their secular places standing erect. Ayappa temple just opposite to Shani Mandir in sector-17, Nerul is a valued place for devotees. And just a five minute walk away is the Jama Masjid, Dutta Temple and Jain temple. The tranquility and harmony can be felt in the air. Grand configuration of Gurudwara has also added to the imposing identity of the city. Putting a step inside the sanctum gives a feeling of Punjabs holy shrine. Nerul has become an abode of all god and goddesses where people from all the walks of life are welcomed. Temples standing in row side by side along with Roman Catholic Church, which is known as Little Flower Church at Brahmagiri Marg is the main attraction of Navi Mumbai for disciples. Balaji temple with the minute caricature of different gods and goddesses is alluring. Brahmastanam and Narayan temples exhale the culture of South India. Father of Little Flower church feels that existence of these sanctuaries has not only provided serenity to the place but has also enhanced brotherhood in the society. India is known for its diversity and this new evolving satellite city Navi Mumbai has put forward a unique example of a secularist and harmonious city. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV news.

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