handicap-ladyThe cops at Nerul police station have shown rather exemplary courage of arresting a physically challenged Neeta Kamble, accusing her of trespassing on someone else’s property. The police had allegedly arrested her by manhandling and forcefully taking her out of her house and other family members. Neeta Kamble, a physically challenged woman against whom a case of trespassing was filed by Muzawar was arrested by Nerul police. It may be recalled that she was staying with her two children and father at sector 1 Nerul’s NL4/2/12. According to Neeta, she was forcefully dragged out of her house by the police during her arrest. She was arrested on the complaint filed by Uran based Muzavir for illegally staying in his house. Neeta alleged that the Nerul police not just manhandled her but threw her things out of the house and insulted her family members. The police arrested Neeta at 6o’ clock in the morning on Saturday and since then she was under their custody. On Sunday she was taken to the court at CBD Belapur. According to Neeta Kamble’s father, they were tortured by the police and turned a deaf ear towards their plea. He even accused Ramchandra Galdhar, senior police inspector at Nerul police station of killing him if he interferes in the investigation. Sources at the police station informed that the SPI Galdhar has a special interest in the case, reasons unknown to them. Police Inspector at Nerul Police station Mukund Salunkhe informed us more on the case. However, the police inspector refused to speak much on the case. Neeta’s advocate Sanjay Agarwal informed us that she’s been accused under section 448 and section 453 and has been released on PR bond of rupees 4000. But the question is, if she has been dragged out of her house, which is already occupied by Muzawir where would the police now accommodate the lady. Navi Mumbai Police has dubious records of leaving out criminals, there are a huge number of cases that the Navi Mumbai Police has failed to resolve, some of which include the Pawanraje Nimbalker murder case and the H B Bhise scam, dozens of loot and thefts case are lying pending and unsolved at the police stations which make one wonder the keen interest with which the Nerul police station took action against a physically challenged that too when it was a civil case and not a criminal case. Whats worse, there are so many women welfare organizations but not one has come forward to provide aid to Neeta Kamble. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV news.


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