ganpoti-1Ganpati is round the corner and studied residents want to celebrate an eco-friendly Ganpati. Catering to the need of this section, Nerul resident Arti Chauhan makes only eco-friendly idols. Ganpati is one of the celebrated festivals of Maharashtra. But over the years, several environmentalists have been voicing concern on the elaborate arrangements that are made for the festival. Even Mumbai Mayor Shubha Raul has time and again emphasized on the need to make the festival more eco-friendly as it involves making of idols with plastic, paint and other ecologically toxic materials that eventually affects water resources like ponds. This thought has a staunch supporter in the form of Arti Chauhan, a resident of Nerul who makes Ganpati idols with wood, sand and grass. Arti Chauhan strongly believes that local municipal corporations and the state should bring about regulations on the making of Ganpati idols for Ganesh Utsav. Arti Chauhan has made five Ganpati idols out of paper, grass and wood and has used colors that will not affect the environment. She wants to put up an exhibition of eco-friendly idols. Arti Chauhan also gives training to make eco-friendly Ganpati idols and as a Lord Ganesha devotee appeals to fellow devotees that they too attempt in celebrating an eco-friendly Ganpati. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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