nerul-tax-1The residents of Nerul are in a dilemma that is worrying them. The worries come from increased property tax notices given to most residents of ward no. 71. The notices come in wake of a survey conducted by NMMC three months ago that gives them a record of the residents who have illegally consumed FSI, made illegal extensions or converted residential premises to commercial. After the survey property tax notices according to the new area being utilized by residents were dispatched to nearly 32% of tax payers by the NMMC Property Tax Dept. But the residents are in no mood to pay increased property taxes. Residents of ward no. 71, one of the wards that have received these notices held a joint meeting with their coporator Vaishali Tidke and Congress Navi Mumbai General Secretary Dilip Tidke. They say that besides increasing the rateable value from Rs. 860 to Rs. 2560, the NMMC also increased the tax rate from 29% to 38%. This means that a household that was paying Rs. 198 as property tax so far will pay Rs. 1100 instead. The residents have decided to submit disapproval letters to the NMMC in context to property tax notices served to them. They say that the Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik had promised them no increase in any taxes for the twenty years, so this move of NMMC is unfair. The issue might attain more controversial colors as the 32% residents served notices will pay rent on different rateable value and tax rate while the rest will pay on different scales. And if the others are too served fresh scales, then it will again break the promise the Guardian Minister made to the citizens of this city. With Jayanti Bamne, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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