lake-2Even though 19 crores were sanctioned for the cleaning and repairing of 13 city lakes the de-silting and repair work is going on at a slow pace. We visited the lake in sector 18 Nerul where the work is going on at snails pace. Prior to elections, civic wok is at its best as corporators leave no stone unturned to do a good job in their wards to have a good last minute impression on voters but once the elections are over the same old story begins. The corporation has passed the proposal of beautifying 13 lakes in the city at Koperkhairne, Khairne Village, Turbhe, Digha, Agroli, Belapur, Nerul, Ghansoli, Vashi, Karave, Shirvane and Rabale at a cost of Rs 19 crore. However, while the proposal has been passes, the work in going on in a snail’s pace. We visited one of the lakes Sector 18 A of Nerul where the desilting and cleaning work is yet to take form. The water from the lakes has dried up and it has been more than a month now and still the silt is not removed. The machines used to remove the silt are lying in the lake with no sign of any labor. We spoke with the residents who were unhappy with the work. The foul smell prevents children from playing in the garden behind the lake. Besides such conditions are a favourable for mosquito breeding, which will lead to diseases like malaria. They added that while the labors remain absent during the daytime, during night they do some labors working there. We tried to speak to the ward officer in Nerul about the work who simply gave a number of an engineer on the job, showing complete ignorance and negligence. The beautification involves de-silting, repairing and putting a new drainage system in the lake. If the cleaning itself is taking such a long time, very soon it will be the time of monsoons and the work for making a new drainage system will remain pending. All corporators had boasted of the much hyped about pond cleaning wok in the city prior to elections to win votes. Now that the elections are over, the negligent attitude of corporators seems to have come back. It will be a challenge for the new corporators of NMMC set to clear the mess created by old corporators in the city. With cameraperson Satish Garud, Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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