MCGM will be making a new dumping ground at Azad Nagar in Ghatkopar. The work of the dumping ground will begin next week. Prior to this, the dumping ground was supposed to come up at Dahisar but the plan was canceled due to opposition from the local residents. However trouble for MCGM is not over as residents of Azad Nagar are too protesting the civic plans. It may be recalled that the absence of dumping ground is affecting MCGM’s developmental plans such as widening of roads, constructing new buildings on the place of old chawls, slums and mills. Earlier, the debris was dumped at places like Deonar, Mulund and Gorai, but MCGM does not have these options anymore and to overcome these, it has planned to have a new dumping ground made at Azad Nagar in Ghatkoper. However just like the Dahisar plan even this dumping ground is witnessing locals of the areas protesting this decision of MCGM. According to the news plans, the dumping ground will be made beside Azad nagar in the mountain ranges in Ghatkopar. This plot belongs to the collector and is being used for making illegal slum dwellings. Chief engineer of BMC’s road department informed that besides Ghatkopar, a dumping ground will also be made at Kalamboli in Navi Mumbai. The Ghatkopar dumping ground has a capacity for dumping debris for one year. Ajaz Khan – NMTV News.


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