vegetablemarket1NMMC has decided to develop a hi tech vegetable market at Karave village in sector 44. Recently, the proposal has been approved in the Standing Committee meeting. Residents of Karave village have taken a sigh of relief after NMMC’s plan of making a new vegetable market on plot no 160 at sector 44. It should be noted that the area had a lot of residential buildings with the locals covering long distances for vegetables and fruit market. Keeping in mind the total population of 1.5 lakhs, NMMC took the decision for making a market in this area which will comprise of vegetable market, fruit market, fish market and meat market. The residents expressed their satisfaction over making of this market. A total amount of Rs 59 lakh 24287 has been approved for the construction. The contract for the market has been given to Swastik Infralogics and will be completed within 9 months period. Such markets already exist in sector 48 and Karave village, but for the first time this market is made for the residents of sector 44 thus providing great facility for the residents. With cameraperson Vikrant Baile, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV news.

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