RS 30 CRORE TO RESTORE CITY’S HERITAGE STRUCTURES In a move welcomed by heritage activists, the state government has promised to spend Rs 30 crore on renovating heritage structures. The government will invest Rs 15 crore in the first year and the remaining amount in the second year. The government would renovate structures like the Asiatic Library and Elphinstone College among others. BILL RECOVERY DEPARTMENT The state government has given strict orders to the electricity bill recovery department to disconnect connections if shopping malls or companies fail to pay the bills. Apart from the customers, strict action would also be taken on the Bill Recovery officers who fail to do as ordered by the government. The zonal officers are also ordered that the number of connections that are cut everyday should be reported so that its conservation can be done on a large scale. POLITICAL LEADERS GO ON HUNGER STRIKE For the past few days RPI members under the guidance of RPI President Ramdas Athvale have gone on a hunger strike to protest against the corruption prevailing in MMRDA regarding the allotment of flats to owners under SRA scheme. They have alleged that there is illegal ownership given to people not falling under this scheme.

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