encroacment-4This time the Navi Mumbai Encroachment Department have come heavily on the commercial complexes of sec 12 in Vashi and sec 14 in Koperkhairane due to the illegal encroachment of open space. Archana Tripathi reports. NMMC commissioner Vijay Nahata gave out strictures to its department to come heavily on the small as well as commercial complex occupying illegal open space. Following his orders, the Encroachment department took action against commercial complex situated in sec 12 of Vashi. Assistant Commissioner of NMMC, Divakar Samel along with the other members of the department was present during the anti-encroachment drive. BYTE The department also came heavily on the illegal encroachment by Insha Construction in sec 14 of Koperkhairane. The residents of the Samar Vighar building had informed the dept. about the illegal encroachment by Insha Construction. They also took action against the illegal parking space used by Environ enclave co-op hsg society in sec 14 of Koperkhairane. KK ward officer, Subhash Gaykar spoke about this illegal encroachment. He added that many complaints and notices were sent to the Department but no strict action was taken against these shops and complexes. The monsoons had slowed down the anti-encroachment drive, however once the monsoons end the NMMC Encroachment dept. is all geard up to continue the drive with the same force as prior to monsoons. With cameraperson Vikrant Baile, Archana Thripathi for Navi Mumbai News.

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