Bhise-ScamThe NMMC Bhise scam has opened a Pandora’s Box of how things can go wrong if things within the administration are not in order. NMTV News is in possession of some documents that are bringing the scam under a new light and compelling one to question whether the scam is an outcome of complete system failure? Looks like there is definitely more to the Bhise scam of NMMC than what has been shown to the media eye. To start with a few basics, H B Bhise is the contractor who won NMMC encroachment tender way back in 2003. Every year since then, Bhise managed to draw excess money from the NMMC treasury till 2008 on forged chalans until the scam was unearthed. While these are the undisputed facts of the Bhise scam, there are several other aspects of the case that have been made available to the media but the other side of the same aspect raise suspicion. To begin with, there have been open accusations against NCP Corporator M K Madhvi and former DMC of Encroachment Amrish Patnigire for being the main conspirators of the scam. DCP Pratap Digaonkar informed NMTV News about the fraud and the FIR. Now take a look at how officials of NMMC have blundered in documentation related to Bhise contractor from day 1 :

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