nmmc1In order to bring the vehicles registering in Navi Mumbai under the NMMC Cess Department net, the dept has stationed two of its officers at the Navi Mumbai RTO office. It is a known fact that car dealers in Mumbai help customers register their in Navi Mumbai because of the comparatively lower registration charges of the Navi Mumbai Regional Transport Office. Such vehicle owners successfully escape paying 4.5 octroi that is otherwise levied on vehicle owners in Mumbai. However, what is pinching the NMMC Cess Dept. is that they aren’t getting the 1% cess due on these vehicles registered in Navi Mumbai. To bring the evading vehicles owners under their net, the NMMC Cess Dept has come up with the new initiative of stationing two officers at the Navi Mumbai RTO Office. The Navi Mumbai RTO earned Rs. 125 Crores last year on registration charges. If calculated on the same scams, the NMMC Cess Dept. is expecting a revenue of atleast Rs. 15 Crores from this drive in this fiscal year. DMC Pendhari also informed that criminal charges were filed against those defaulting on cess payment. However, post the charges, out of the 2000 defaulters, 500 have paid up the pending amount and charges have been taken back against them. With Kala Jadhav, Nilofar Shaikh for NMTV News.

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