buduget-1NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata has presented the NMMC Budget 2008 – 2009 to the Standing Committee. Everything in the budget will directly affect your daily lives so you must be informed of what to expect. NMTV Managing Editor ZW met the Commissioner for a first hand report on how the budget impact your necessities, facilities and amenities in the coming year. NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata presented the first budget crossing Rs 1000 crores to the Standing Committee members. The surplus budget of Rs 4.09 lakhs shows proposed revenue of Rs 1297.0131 Crores and expenditure of Rs 1296.97 Crores. NMTV Managing Editor ZW met the Commissioner to report on the budget highlights and budget blues. BYTE Evidently the inflated budget includes revenue from JNNURM, BSUP and MMRDA of Rs 606.1380 crores. “NMMC – BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS” 24 x 7 MORBE WATER SUPPLY SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT ELECTRICITY FROM GARBAGE FLYOVERS & FOOTPATHS SEWERAGE LINES IN GAONTHAN RECREATION CENTERS PARKING POLICY NMMC HQ E-TENDERING FIRE STATIONS & BRANTO SLAUGHTER HOUSE GARDENS & GREENERY PONDS BEAUTIFICATION HANDICAP REHABILITATION CENTER HOMES FOR ADIVASIS AGRI KOLI CULTURAL CENTER DR. BABA SAHEB AMBEDKAR MEMORIAL “NMMC – BUDGET BLUES” While NMMC claims to have built the best STP plants in Asia, once built the STP plants will require Rs. 4.25 Crores for maintenance against the Rs. 2.6 Crores last year in addition to electricity charges of Rs. 6 Crores. While the budget reflects revenue of Rs. 5 crore from sale of potable water from STP plants, the corporation has no policy in place. Despite plans of water supply from Morbe this year, the budget has an allocation of Rs. 30 Crores to purchase water from other govt. agencies that is higher than the Rs. 20 Crores allocated for purchase of water last year. Another observation is that the much hyped hydro-electric power station at Morbe Dam has been scrapped completely. This might be the biggest scam of revenue loss to NMMC. In a city where advertising agencies are making Crores from outdoor publicity courtesy NMMC, the corporation has reduced its income from hoardings and kiosks from Rs. 4.10 Crore of last year to Rs. 2.05 Crore this year. This is causing NMMC loss of Crores of Rupees every month. Ask the Commissioner whether corporators hesitance was resulting in revenue loss from hoardings and he dodges the question. Small aspects like penalty for plastic bag rule violations and reduction in budget for garden and greenery is another concerning aspect that reflects in the budget. (With the answer to this question add last answer where he speaks about work culture). We hope this report has given you a ringside view of what exactly happens in the corridors of power. Keep watching our budget series to know how the elected representatives are taking up the issues and concerns of the budget. We hope and believe, this will ensure greater transparency, accountability and finally, a judicious utilization of public funds. With cameraperson Vikrant Baile, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.

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