GDCR-3You heard of allegations of sleaze, irregularities, violations and corruption against the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation but the latest one to be added in the list is a shocker because it amounts to forgery. A Right to Information by social activist Sandeep Thakur has exposed forgery in the GDCR proposal approved by the NMMC General Body meeting clearly to benefit the builder’s lobby. Sandeep Thakur has gone to court against this forgery in NMMC. The forgery goes back into March 2006’s General Body Meeting. Presided by the then Mayor Manisha Bhoir. Dy. Mayor Bharat Nakhate and former Commissioner Madhukar Kokate – the general body meeting had unanimously approved the proposal of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Draft Development Control Rules-1994, with amendments up to January 2006. The NMMC records available with Secretary Chandrakant Deokar show that this proposal had several sections that were presented for approval, which included 16.4.10 for recreational land use, 16.4.11 for special economic zone and then 16.5. Post the general body’s approval to this proposal, the then Town Planning Officer Rajendra Habde had spoken to NMTV News and said that they would now invite public objections and suggestions to the approved proposal and then sent it for the final approval of the state. BYTE RAJENDRA HABDE FROM DVD OF 5 It was between the general body’s approval in March 2006 to the period when public suggestions and objections were invited in May 2006 that the alleged forgery took place. This is exposed in the fact that where in the proposal approved by the NMMC General Body Meeting clearly show clause 16.5 after clause 16.4.11, NMMC administration alleged forged two new clauses to the approved proposal as 16.4.12 for “Mixed Use” and 16.4.13 for “Change of Use” Both these clauses were never approved by the NMMC General Body meeting, yet the NMMC administration clearly wrote that in the draft and I quote,

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