tilak-school-The students and parents of Tilak School in Ghansoli had to go through a day of chaos as NMMC Education officer Balasaheb Mane sealed the school premises reportedly to pacify agitating parents who alleged that the school management held PTA elections with following government norms. While the seal was removed the very next day by his department, the school management is expected to strongly question this move by NMMC. The NMMC Education Dept. has come under acute criticism for taking no action against scores of illegal schools flourishing in the city even as it sealed a reputed school like Tilak School at Ghansoli. Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s decision to seal Tilak School in Ghansoli reportedly to pacify agitating parents, who alleged the school management held PTA elections with following government rules and later unseal the institute has come under huge criticism. Late on Monday evening, the education department of NMMC sealed the school premises without intimating the management. The resultant act is further informed to have led to cancellation of a working day. Students of both primary and secondary were unable to enter the school premises. The school management had to call off Tuesday as a holiday. A handful of parents of the school have been attacking the management on one pretext or the other. This time they used PTA elections as an excuse. They accused the administration of holding unfair elections and even the NMMC Education Officer Balasaheb Mane allegedly gave no intimation to the management of the school before sealing the premises. The administrator of the school, K K Narayanan Nair informed that few parents of the school were protesting against the elections held for PTA in an undemocratic way. The NMMC Education Officer Balasaheb Mane sealed the school despite the fact that NMMC Education Officer Balasheb Mane had himself verified the signatures of the parents whose name came in the lottery for the PTA elections. The principal of the school Usha Vinscent too reiterated that the PTA elections were held as per the GR. On the other hand NMMC Education Officer Balasaheb Mane seems to have no justification for sealing the school without informing the management. He only said that the school did not submit the election papers of the PTA because of which he sealed the school premises. NMMC Education Officer Balasaheb Mane’s answer still does not justify the hasty manner in which the school was sealed late in the evening without any intimation. Balasaheb Mane’s action has come under huge criticism by educationists, experts and parents as he sealed the school premises on complaints of a few parents. While he is yet to take action against the scores of illegal schools flourishing in Navi Mumbai, he sealed a reputed school without any justification in the middle of an academic session causing undue tension and agony to the majority of parents and students studying in the school. With cameraperson Deepak Kamble, Bureau report – NMTV News.

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