palm-treeNMTV News has been continuously highlighting the neglected condition of the greenery on Palm Beach Road. Anyone would agree that the CIDCO did a very fine job of maintaining the greenery on Palm Beach road, but ever since the road has been handed over to NMMC – the latter has failed to replicate CIDCO’s good work. Sana Warsia compared two areas of Palm Trees – one with CIDCO at Kharghar and the Palm Beach Rd with NMMC to compare their work for this report. The early settlers of Navi Mumbai are often seen drawing a line of comparison between CIDCO and NMMC – stating that CIDCO was a better caretaker of Navi Mumbai than NMMC. And if one takes a look at the present condition of greenery and palm trees on Palm Beach Road, they’d agree to this. Handed over to NMMC not over a year ago, Palm Beach Road never looked so neglected as it looks today. For Navi Mumbai, the Palm Beach Road is a possession of pride but looks like the NMMC couldn’t care less about what tax paying citizens think. What else would explain the dying Palm trees, the dried greenery and filth and plastic littered across the road proving that the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has failed to maintain the Palm Beach Road like CIDCO did? And the line of comparison comes to life for anyone to witness if you go a little ahead of Belapur towards Kharghar where, one can witness a scenery is lush and green trees. Even locals of the city voiced how NMMC had failed to keep up the good work done by CIDCO. A horticulturist of the city informed that one the reasons that could be for the dying of the trees at Pam Beach road is the usage of poor quality or saline water. He further added that NMMC had failed to maintain the trees here as the yearly change of mud was required for the kind of small plants planted here. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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