In the last Standing Committee meet of NMMC, the members passed a proposal for development of the Krantisinh Nana Patil garden at Sector 8, Airoli. The development work has been assigned to the contractor for Rs. 13, 36, 305 however, when the NMTV team visited the garden at Airoli, the conditions surprised us – for the garden was in a notably good condition and the hundreds of visitors to the garden were unanimous on their opinion that the garden did not need any development. Isn’t this a happy picture of a garden – well we might think so but for obvious reasons NMMC does not. This is because, the NMMC has decided to develop the garden with sand, plants, decorative plants, walls and etc. as the proposal of NMMC states. The corporation will do so paying a contractor viz. Ekvira Mauli Construction a whopping Rs. 13, 36, 305 of public funds for this work. And in contrast to this massive figure of public funds, it came as a shock that at the garden can see that not much if not nothing needs to be done. And it is not just us but even the hundreds of visitors that come to the garden who say that they are happy with the garden and do not suggest any work except for periodic cleaning of the garden. If you want to know how despite this being an obvious wastage of public funds or rather ways of how corruption works in NMMC – take a look at how easily the proposal was presented at the NMMC Standing Committee meet and passed by the members without a single word of discussion. The blatant wastage of public funds in the case of Krantisinh Nana Patil garden at Sector 8, Airoli is an example of how the corruption corporators-officials-contractors nexus works in NMMC to fill their own pockets in the name of development where it is not needed and neglect the places that actually need them. From NMMC, with Sudhir Sharma, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.


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