nmmc-2The NMMC general body approved the rehabilitation of slums in Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation area under the Slum Rehabilitation Scheme (SRA) instead of the Basic Services for Urban Poor (BSUP) scheme. As per the 2001 survey there are 48 slum settlements with 41805 slum-dwellers in the NMMC area. Of these 29 settlements are in the MIDC area with 25673 slum dwellers, 17 settlements on CIDCO lands with 8327 slum dwellers and 2 settlements on Government land with 7805 slum dwellers. NMMC has already received Rs 10.64 crores as Central Government contribution and Rs 30.85 crores from the State Government out of the Rs 299.88 crores approved for rehabilitation of 13600 slums in Navi Mumbai in the first phase under BSUP scheme of JNNURM. Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nahata explained that the slum dwellers will not have to pay any money under the SRA scheme and get Rs 269 square feet homes unlike the BSUP scheme where they have to contribute 10 to 12 % of the cost. Even the corporation will earn revenue from the highest bidder, who will bid for the construction of these dwellings with increased FSI approval, instead of spending huge amounts as their share under the BSUP scheme. The developer will also contribute revenue as land cost to CIDCO and MIDC at rates approved by the State Government.

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