nmmcMayor Anjani Bhoir has kept the proposal of finalizing property tax rates in the city for 2009-10 pending without citing any justified reason during the monthly NMMC General Body meeting. This led to speculations that the ruling front would be working on bringing taxes down in view of the elections but Commissioner Vijay Nahata says that the property taxes might not increase but will definitely not reduce. The NMMC general body has to finalize the rate before February 20 every year. The NMMC administration did not recommend any change in the rate levied last year keeping in mind the global recession. Even the Standing Committee approved the rate without any discussion keeping in mind the district Guardian Minister’s electoral promise that property tax and CESS rates would not be increased for 20 years in the city. Hence the General Body delaying the approval has sparked hopes that the ruling NCP could initiate reducing the rate due to global recession and the impending elections in the region. However Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nahata who has to balance the burden of approving more and more proposals of the corporators in the election year knows that the taxes cannot be reduced and that said the same in an interview to NMTV News. Vishwarath Nayar – NMTV News.

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