nmmc-sumpingDelegation after delegation are visiting Navi Mumbai’s Turbhe landfill site to study the process of scientific disposal of waste that NMMC is attempting at this site. The corporation is gaining recognition all over the country for implementing one of the best solid waste management system in Navi Mumbai. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, which once was one of the many corporations to be criticized for improper waste management system, is now gaining national recognition and internationall acknowledgment for the same. For NMMC has now become the only civic body in the country that collects tons of waste daily and dumps it using advanced scientific process. Speaking to NMTV News, NMMC’s City engineer Mohan Dagaonkar informed that this is a historic project and along with being environment friendly, this project is gaining lot of fame at the international level. It must be noted that there are three land fill sites at Turbhe dumping ground, one where green gas will be produced and controlled. NMMC’s waste collection system is also one of the most effective one. Through this process there is a dual benefit of controlling the pollution as well as getting the benefit of carbon credit. This process would also control global warming. The solid waste management system of NMMC is on BOT basis and therefore, it is not only a historical revolution for the city but also profitable for the civic body. Even though initially questions were raised on the working of this plant, but today people can sit here and drink coffee and the place can also be developed into a picnic spot says the city engineer. The project is of great significance for a city like Navi Mumbai, especially when Mumbai is struggling with similar attempts at foundation stage and Thane is far from any such program. And no one can deny that the solid waste management and Turbhe dumping ground’s scientific development is one of the many projects that was spear headed by NMMC’s first Mayor Dr. Sanjeev Naik. The Turbhe Dumping Ground’s scientific development and so far successful solid waste management system of NMMC` is one of the many creditable work that UPA candidate Dr. Sanjeev Naik is hoping will help people believe in his capacities to work for the development and progress city. But are voters impressed? The city will find out on May 16. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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