dengue-2The spread of a deadly disease like dengue has taken a huge toll on the residents of Navi Mumbai. Statistics show that from January to October 125 patients were under the scanner for dengue infected out of which 19 patients were cited positive in the month of October. The samples of the patients in Navi Mumbai who were suspected to have dengue were sent to National Institute of Virology out of which 11 patients were suffering from the dengue. While in private hospitals, patients have been reported of dengue who have even lost their lives due to this disease, but NMMC seems to be refuting this fact stating that the disease was widespread in the outer regions and not in Navi Mumbai. The unaware officials of NMMC seem to be very far away from reality. Recently Ghansoli resident Devanand Rankar died due to dengue in a private hospital at Bonkode. While the loss can be seen in the eyes of the estranged family of the deceased, NMMC does not even have any record of his death questioning the working of the administration. The residents of Ghansoli live in fear today. The debris removed from gutters can be easily seen scattered on the streets, with garbage strewn everywhere. Locals allege that the area is rarely cleaned or even sprayed with pesticides. They say that officials do not even peep in the area for a check. And its not just the residents of Ghansoli but even those of Sanpada are complaining about dengue in their area. The residents allege that NMMC does not even have the exact figures of the number of patients affected with dengue. According to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation Act, private hospitals have to report each and every case of dengue to municipal hospitals but with lack of communication, this has gone for a toss. Residents also allege that NMMC hospitals are not well equipped to tackle a deadly disease like dengue and simply give medicines to the patients. However, NMMC’s DMC Babasaheb Ranjhade boosts of how the administration is spreading awareness on this disease through advertisements. But residents say that instead of spending crores of rupees in advertisement, NMMC should use the same money to equip its hospitals. However despite the obvious threat of dengue and death cases, looks like officials of the health department of NMMC continue to function with a couldn’t-care-less attitude. With cameraperson Vivek Gaikwad and Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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