sk-will-1Once again the apathy and neglect of NMMC officials have come to light as so called private corporate houses are flouting all rules and norms under the nose of NMMC in matters of city beautification. One such corporate house is S K Wheels that has lined up its boards to commercial exploit the main road at Vashi even as all the greenery has died on the divider. These are the main the dividers on the newly concretized main road of Vashi in Navi Mumbai. A closer look show how most of the greenery has dried and died due to poor maintenance and neglect of the dividers caretakers S K Wheels. In one of its public private initiatives for enhancing greenery in Navi Mumbai, NMMC has assigned 84 sites to private parties on barter system. This means that the private party will have to beautify the locations taken and in return can put up their company boards for brand promotions. The duration of agreement between NMMC and private party is three years but in case of violation of rule, NMMC has the authority to terminate the contract. However, most private parties are blatantly violating this agreement and on such so called corporate is Turbhe based S. K. Wheels. The company has reportedly taken prime locations including dividers of main roads at 8 sites located in Vashi, Turbhe and Sanpada but today these dividers are reeling under neglected conditions. Even though S K Wheels is commercially exploiting the dividers, their neglect has killed whatever greenery was there on the dividers while there is no sign of beautification at all. What comes as a shock is that NMMC provides free water and electricity connection for maintenance to S K Wheels and other private parties but they still are not fulfilling the terms and conditions of agreement. While the greenery has dried and died, S K Wheels is allegedly also violating the approved distance between two ads, which is 10 meter and the size of the boards put up at the dividers. All these violations are taking places under the nose of corporation. Apparently these dividers have become just free ad spots for corporates like S K Wheels. When we tried to speak to the MD of S. K. Wheels Anil Kumar on the failure of their company due to which greenery has died on the dividers given to them, not surprisingly he refused to comment on the issue. Though CEO of S. K. Wheels had lame answers for the violations they were doing and only said that every one has to follow guidelines and his company will do it though denied for giving any time frame. When NMTV visited the NMMC HQ in Belapur, the apathy of officials was apparent. We were shocked to find out that the NMMC was aware that S K Wheels and others were violating agreement norms that were killing greenery in the city even as parties like S K Wheels were reaping commercial exploitation of the prime locations. The NMMC in fact has even sent them notices way back in 2009. Executive Engineer of NMMC, Subhash Sonawane showed NMTV News the copy of sent notices. However since 2009, the NMMC administration has failed to follow up the matter with the private parties due to which S K Wheels like so-called corporate houses continue to exploit prime location at the cost of greenery in the city. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV News.

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