Eyebrows are being raised at the construction of the road between the Belapur-Uran junction which was approved recently by NMMC. It maybe recalled that after the pipeline installation work, the responsibility of the construction of the road was that of Pratibha Industries. However, now NMMC has decided to do the work themselves, in other words another misuse of public funds. Whether the hundreds and Crores worth of pipelines laid by Prathibha Industries are of any use to the public or not but the roads dug up by the industry and not smoothened again has definitely inconvenienced the people. NMMC has decided to construct the stretch of road from Uran junction to K Star Hotel that is till the Govardhani Chowk at a cost of Rs 88 lakhs 94901. The contract has been given to Ajvani Infrastructure. The construction work that is to be completed in six months was actually the responsibility of Pratibha Industries, which the company failed to do. And now with the nexus between the administration and public representatives NMMC has decided to construct the road using public funds, which is being called as sheer corruption by the locals. Senior corporator Dr. Jayaji Nath agreed that the construction of roads post the digging was not done properly stating that Pratibha Industries is the one responsible for this. When it is the responsibility of Prathibha Industries to smoothen the roads, then why has NMMC decided to construct it themselves, in other words wasting public funds and hinting at massive corruption. It maybe recalled that to supply the city with 24 hours water supply, massive laying down of pipelines was done in the city but the roads dug were not filled up properly. Rules and norms of the contract was violated with NMMC not doing anything about it. If this is not corruption and misuse of public funds then what is? With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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