burial-ground-3In the recently held NMMC General Body meet, the body was compelled to approve the allotment of burial ground plot at 112, 113A and 113B in KK to Anjuman Khairul Islam trust and Amjuman-e-Fakri on 30 years annual nominal lease of Rs 1. It maybe recalled that the plots 112, 113A and 113B in KK were transferred by CIDCO to NMMC with instructions that the said plot be allotted to the two trusts – Anjuman Khairul Islam trust and Amjuman-e-Fakri. However, NMMC administration opted to advertise an invitation to the many Muslim organizations in the city to apply for the same. Kairul Islam Trust and Anjuman-e-Fakri filed a writ petition against the NMMC’s stand and the High Court ruled in favor of the allotment to the petitioners. The members of the trust informed us that NMMC filed a review petition but the High Court upheld its ruling on the writ petition, on still not being allotted the plot, the said petitioners filed a contempt of court petition against NMMC. To avoid the contempt of court proceedings, NMMC decided to allot the plots to the petitioners, even as the corporation has filed a special leave petition in the Supreme Court against the High Court decision. He further added that the working of NMMC goes perfect with the saying of Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. He said that they did not know why NMMC was playing a dual policy and of it was working under pressure. One of the members of the trust informed that with no burial ground, they have to take the dead bodies to either Vashi or Ghansoli. Sometimes when they are not allowed to bury the dead in these nodes, they even have to take the dead body to Mumbai. The said allotment is made subject to the Supreme Court decision on the Special Leave Petition and without prejudice to any rights of the corporation. However, the trustees have expressed confidence in the ruling of the Supreme Court too. In the meantime, when the trust filed an RTI in CIDCO, they found that the names of the allotment was in the name of the both the trusts. The RTI revealed that the plot is for a burial ground and has not been handed over to anyone else. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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