sachin-1The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has served notices to some major corporates for failing to pay cess. The recovery amount is amounting to a total of Rs 10 crore, reports Monika Bhosale. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has issued notices to 44 corporates including Sachin Tendulkar for recovering of cess amounting to a total of Rs 10 crore. Cess is one percent amount of vehicle value charged by NMMC on registering the vehicle in NMMC jurisdiction. Instead of four percent octroi, the buyer is supposed to pay one percent cess of the vehicle value within one month of registration. The corporation has data of 1.50 lakh vehicles registered with Deputy RTO of which scrutiny for 24,000 vehicles is over. The NMMC Cess department has started its recovery since September and till date has recovered Rs 7 crore. Many renowned names have come out in this like that of Sachin Tendulkar, Shankar Mahadevan and the Ambani brothers. In Mumbai, the octroi payment is 5.5%, in Thane its is 7% and only NMMC’s cess is 1%. Despite the low amount, the individuals have failed to pay their cess. What’s more shocking is that the vehicles registered under these renowned names have been given an address of Navi Mumbai and whether they actually stay here or not is something that has become difficult for the NMMC to find out now, says DMC Pendhari. He added that posh and expensive cars like BMW have been registered under addresses of slum settlements. Pendhari said that they would file a police complaint against these cases. The entire episode raises question on the working of the RTO department as it is the RTO department that registers these vehicles. The question is why the department did not bother to check on the addresses provided by the individuals before registering them? With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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