Patnigire-5NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik came down heavily on DMC Amrish Patnigire for failure to perform. During the last discussions on the budget, the chairman said that accountability and taking responsibility for the departments given to DMC Patnigire were being neglected and the DMC only had excuses for non-performance. NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik continues to make headlines and for the right reasons. In the last meeting held on the budget deliberations, the chairman burst out on DMC Amrish Patnigire for poor performance. DMC Patnigire has the profile of encroachment and advertisement, while encroachment has risen by the day, the dept. has not been able to collect even 50% of the revenue expected from advertisement even as the financial year will end in a few days. The chairman’s outburst was a clear indication of how the administration was conducting bias action just for record and news sake or not performing at all. Clearly, DMC Patnigire who did not look serious during the start, saw that the chairman meant business later as Sandeep Naik pointed out DMC Patnigire’s failure to take action against encroachment behind NMMC own City Engineer’s residence despite the chairman himself bringing it to the attention of the officer. He said that the DMC only had excuses for inaction on encroachment. Sandeep Naik appealed to the officer to leave the dept. if he could not handle the work. The chairman exposed the failure and bias in NMMC administration’s action stating that the marginal space was an eye wash, while the bias was evident in the fact that they took action on one shop and left ten other violators in the same building. Cited reasons for non performance of officials, he said that frequent transfers in three months was the reason why NMMC could not do justice to their work. Sandeep Naik emphasized that officers need to take responsibility and become accountable. This is the first time in years that a chairman has chosen to not let personal relations with administration come become the reason for neglect in public work. Hopefully the chairman’s outburst will make the NMMC administration accountable and answer the calls of their duty.

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