sandeep-naik1He’s known for setting right examples and he set another one. NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik invited MSEDC officers to NMMC to initiate coordination between both the government offices and set the right spirit in execution of public work. One grievance that has always surfaced in the city is the lack of coordination between government offices during execution of public work that often ends up inconveniencing citizens. And though, time and again the need for bringing one government office in sync with the other is emphasized upon, it never happens. That’s where this meeting attains significance. An initiative of the NMMC Standing Committee Chairman, this joint meeting between NMMC and MSEDC was held at the NMMC HQ at Belapur. After his visit to check status of pre-monsoon work in the city a few days back and interaction with NMMC officials on field, Chairman Sandeep Naik felt that there was an urgent need to meet MSEDC to address long term and short term issues that directly affect commoners in the city. So the Chairman invited MSEDC officials to NMMC HQ and held over an hour long progressive interactive session where both MSEDC and NMMC officials tabled their issues and appeals in front of the Chairman. The Chairman invited all the people present to join the discussion, which included senior corporators of NMMC. Some of the significant issues discussed included the open power DP boxes that are an open fatal threat to citizens, more so with the approaching monsoons. Besides this, NMMC officials also raised the issue of power cables passing through city gutters that were causing obstructions. Another topic of discussion was making over head power cables underground. MSEDC too voiced their concerns in regards to NMMC office. At the end of the meet, Chairman Sandeep Naik said that NMMC and MSEDC have to join hands to work on short term and long term public work – the short term including doing necessary covering of DP boxes and cabling work before monsoon and the long term including underground power cable project like subject where coordination between NMMC and MSEDC was missing but highly required. This NMMC-MSEDC meeting is one of the most needed initiatives in Navi Mumbai. Corporators present during the meeting appreciated the Chairman Sandeep Naik’s initiative. Beyond any doubt Chairman Sandeep Naik has set another precedent that will help MSEDC work in tune with NMMC. The spirits between the government offices have been set right and the first step towards coordination for public work has begun – now its time to see the action. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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