The NMMC administration has presented a rather controversial parking proposal to the Standing Committee for approval. For the second week in a row Chairman Sandeep Naik stayed the proposal. We get you a peek from this report from the weekly NMMC Standing Committee meet. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation presented the proposal of making its first multi level car parking facility in Navi Mumbai at Vashi. The contractor of the project M/s Ramratna Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. made a presentation on how the puzzle car parking would be to the members at the weekly Standing Committee Meet. Sensing that there was more to the proposal that what met the eye, members Namdeo Bhagat and Sudhakar Sonawane voiced concern whether this project would be cost effective or not and demanded that the members be taken for a site visit of the puzzle parking facility made by the contractor in Mumbai before approving the project. Accordingly, Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik said that members needs to study how the system would work, the cost of power that the facility would require to function and reiterated the need to visit a site where such a facility existed. Till that visit, the Standing Committee stayed the proposal. What did not go unnoticed what that the administration’s proposal was brought in completely confusing and unclear manner. While the subject of the proposal stated multi level car parking facility in Sector 17, Vashi. The proposal goes on to the selected area of the project as Sector 15 / 16 MTNL to bus stop where NMMC has planned to build puzzle car parking for 110 vehicles. Despite knowing for a fact that there are several bus stops around the mentioned area, the administration does not give the clear site where they have proposed to build the multi level car parking. Further, while the subject mentions only Sector 17, Vashi, the proposal also includes the FRU Hospital, which is at Sector 10, Vashi. At the FRU NMMC Hospital, the corporation is building 11 storeyed two towers with a capacity of parking 44 vehicles. If approved by the Standing Committee, the NMMC would build both the facility at a cost of Rs. 9 Crore 40 Lakhs 2 Thousand 546 in a time period of 12 months. Zeba Warsia – NMTV News.

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