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NMMC Standing Committee demand commercial tax for private schools

The NMMC Standing Committee once again saw discussions on private schools in the city demanding that commercial tax be implemented on the schools.

The NMMC Standing Committee once again saw heated arguments between the corporators of all parties and the administration on the way private schools were functioning in the city. Last week too, the standing committee members had unanimously voiced concern on the high donations that parents have to cough up and the need for NMMC to regulate functioning of private schools that are violating the clauses of the agreement with CIDCO under, which the school were allotted plots at concessional rates. This week too, the members raised concern on this issue and demanded that commercial tax should be implied on private schools. The members said that CIDCO had allotted educational plots in every node so that the students of living in every node can avail the facility of studying in the school nearby to their vicinity. However, members said that only those parents who could cough up the exorbitant fees could get their students admitted in the private schools. Speaking on the demand of the corprators, NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Ramesh Shinde said that the educational institutes had made it a profit making business and hence the water and electricity bill sent to these schools should be based on the commercial rate.

During the meeting, the members also came down heavily on the administration for delaying the implementation of commercial tax on private schools despite repeated discussions in the standing committee. Speaking to the media about the same, NMMC Commissioner Bhaskar Wankhede assured that action would be taken if cases of misuse are found. Adding that the educational plots were given by CIDCO at concessional rates, he said that the role of the administration would be looked into and action taken accordingly. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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