plastic-bagsThe state government has finally put the plastic bag ban in place. The Cabinet has decided that plastic bags below 50 microns and smaller than 8 by 12 inches have been banned. Even as the rule has come into effect from the 1st of this month, shopkeepers around the city continue using these bags. Find out why with this report. Sources say that the state government has brought the ban on use of plastics before the onset of monsoon to avoid criticism in case the city got flooded again. The manufacturers, traders, stockists and retail shopkeepers who flout the rule, will be penalized with a fine of Rs 5,000 the time they are caught. If the offence is repeated then the fine will be doubled to Rs 10,000, and the third time he will have to pay Rs 25,000 or get three months in jail or both. The manufacturers will have to display the category, weight, name of the manufacturer and the registration number of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board on the plastic bags. The latter has been entrusted the responsibility of making the manufacturers follow these norms. However, shopkeepers in the city aren’t following the ban. They say that as long as plastic bags below 50 microns will be supplied, they will buy them. According to shopkeepers, they have received no notification from NMMC and whatever little they know about the ban is from having read in newspapers. Manufacturers say that the ban will be in the interest of large manufacturers. But the small and medium-scale manufacturers will lose money as they will have to buy new machines. And even the prices of plastic bags are excepted to shoot up.

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