straydogAfter the order passed by the Mumbai High Court, NMMC too has started preparations for killing stray dogs creating nuisance. NMMC would be receiving the final approval within a month after which it would start its action. While the decision of the Mumbai High Court to kill stray dogs creating nuisance is being opposed by NGOs and dog-lovers, the same has brought some relief to the municipal corporation. A petition was filed by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai to find a solution for dogs creating nuisance or rabies. The Court has given discretionary powers to the Municipal Commissioner to carry out the process accordingly. The decision has been welcomed by the corporation. As per the recent report of the population of dogs, there are more than 40,000 stray dogs in the city. There are many stray dogs because of which many people lost their lives, the reason why NMMC is welcoming the decision. He informed that before they take any measures, a committee would be formed which will include social organizations, vets and NMMC officials which will chalk out the number of stray dogs. It maybe recalled that last year, NMMC had also carried out sterilization of dogs to curb their incessant growth. According to NMMC, they were able to sterilize 4000 to 5000 stray dogs at an expenditure of Rs 40 lakhs but the population has not seen any change except an increase. However, dog lovers have highly opposed this decision. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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