nmmc-3The Health Department of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has decided to go high-tech with the field staff of the department slated to get palm tops or Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to streamline their work soon. If the future plans of NMMC are anything to go by then very soon, the civic body’s field staff will work on palm tops reducing paperwork. Usually, the field staff requires noting down details of the people they meet during their visits and write down the details in their diaries. They come to the office then and write the details in another register which takes lot of time. With the palm tops, the employees will feed the data in their PDAs and later transfer the details onto the computers which will save their time and so that they can work extra. Speaking to NMTV News, NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata gave more insight. Besides faster data processing, this move by the NMMC will lead to more accuracy, extra work by the staff in the given time and better supervision. NMMC’s focus will be more on the health of women and child whose resistive power is lesser and going high-tech will be helpful to them. Slated to be distributed shortly, the project is in the final stages of designing the software. Once that is done, gadgets will be given to 50 field workers initially and after their, will the subsequent changes be made. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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