NMMC’s Adhaar scheme for needy women is a major flop !

NMMC’s ambitious Adhaar Centre at Vashi today has not takers. With the aim of providing a platform for women self help groups and needy women to display their wares and earn a livelihood, NMMC has started the Adhar Centre at Vashi in August 2009. The aim was to provide some earning opportunity to the women self help groups and other needy women so that they have some financial stability in their life. In the beginning the centre received good response from women self help groups. The contract at that time was given to a Anamika Self Help Group. However, as years passed, the flow of women self help group started to reduce. When we visited the centre, the women there said that now, the contract was handed to a new agency – the Bharat Mata Self Help Group after which business went very down.

The condition of the Adhaar Kendre has worsened with only limited wares made by the women on display. The women here say that there is lack of awareness amongst women because of which there are no women self help group approaching here. They say that NMMC should have more such centres in each node and should ensure that they had over the contract to a responsible self help group which carries out their duty properly.

Keeping in mind the growing expenses of things, the women have also wanted a change in the rates of the wares but NMMC has still not responded to their letters. The adhar scheme is NMMC’s first such initiative to provide support to women self help groups that consist of needy women. However, due to the apathy of NMMC; the scheme has become such a major flop that instead of providing support to self-help groups, they have become a nightmare for needy women. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.

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