roadNavi Mumbai is called the city of the 21st century but even today dug up roads are a common sight here affecting the pedestrians and vehicle owners alike. One road that has seen digging four times in the last few months for various kinds of projects is the internal road at sector 14 Vashi which due to the negligence and apathy of NMMC has not yet been leveled yet after its latest development work. Navi Mumbai has emerged as a well-developed city with proper infrastructure. But one common problem that the city has been facing is the incessant digging of roads by authorities to carry out various development projects. The constant work of digging has inconvenienced pedestrians and vehicle owners alike. Take a look at this internal road of Sec 14 Vashi. This road was dug up more than 2 months ago by to lay sewerage pipelines. The pipes were laid but the entire work was done in such an unsystematic manner, that the road was not filled for many days. Later on, mud was thrown to cover the road, which was not even smoothened out leading to uneven roads in this area with NMMC’s own garbage truck getting stuck here. And this is not the first time that the road has been dug up. In the last six months this same road has been dug four times, first for repair, then for Pratibha water pipeline, then for Mahanagar gas and now for sewerage lines. Situation was such that residents had even faced phone lines and electric cables disconnection. This exposes how ill equipped and ill studied NMMC Engineering Dept is. Ironically citizens of Sector 14, Vashi are facing the nightmarish rides on these roads despite the fact the Corporator of the ward is Thane Environment Minister and NCP leader Ganesh Naik’s brother Dyaneshwar Naik. Our team visited the Vashi ward office where the ward officer Anil Naik first was completely unaware of the issue and then called his engineer for details. Speaking to us, the engineer, Sanjay Shinde gave us a round about answer of how the road would be leveled in a months time. When we quested the ward officer about the action that would be taken against the contractor for delay in work, he refused to comment on camera. However, off the camera defending the contractor, he stated that delays in construction work happen now and then. Interestingly, what evades Anil Naik is that the delay he is talking about is more two months now. What’s more shocking is that this ward is still considered to be of the first Mayor Dr. Sanjeev Naik who is still actively involved in the ward. Everyone knows that the NMMC functions under them but despite innumerable complaints and appeals to the corporator, this road continues to be a commuter and pedestrian’s nightmare. With Kala Jadhav, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV News.

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