greeneryNMMC has been boasting of keeping the city green by planting trees and saplings around the city. The civic body has spent lakhs of rupees for planting these trees, which means that it should take proper care of the tress. However, dried saplings that were planted at Vashi bus depot’s green belt tell us a different story. With a view to make the satellite city look beautiful and green, the civic body has been spending lakhs of rupees for buying and planting trees. However, very often it fails to take care and maintain these trees which results in wastage of lakhs of rupees. These plants at Vashi’s bus depot were planted by NMMC but many of them have dried today, as no proper care is being taken by the contractor appointed by NMMC. According to the citizens, if these plants are not safeguarded, there is no point spending so much money and that too when the money belongs to the tax payers. When we spoke to the Vashi ward officer Anil Naik, he stated that many pedestrians walk over the plantation area which was one of the cause of the ruin. But when we pointed that the caretaker and contractor were failing to do their jobs as the plants were drying to death, we got a standard reply from the ward officer saying that they will look into the matter. This isn’t the only example of negligence by NMMC towards greenery. Last week NMTV News had aired a report on the greenery on Palm Beach Road drying and dying. These examples put a question mark on the failure of the NMMC Tree Authority that is neglecting such grave cases of nurturing green heads but definitely does one thing perfectly – that is going out on an annual tour of beautiful cities in the country under the pretext of studying greenery there and implementing it here. But when one looks at the dying greenery back home in Navi Mumbai, it compels one to believe that all the so-called study tours of NMMC Tree Authority are nothing but squandering public funds. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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