Almost everyone is very well aware of the poor quality work that many contractors of NMMC have been doing and a live example are all the paver blocks of the city. At many places these blocks are just displaced and scattered around unconvincing the residents. And as usual crores of funds have been wasted on these paver blocks with NMMC sitting mute on it. These are the visuals of the footpaths at sector 6 of Vashi. NMMC has spent lakhs of rupees to put paver blocks and interlock on this footpath but instead of the paver block being on the footpath it is scattered beside it. The footpaths have been dug for some reason and the paver blocks are just lying there, displaced. NMMC had planned paver blocks for all the footpaths of the city but the poor quality work of the contractor is seen here. In fact paver blocks have been stacked here for the last one and a half month on the footpath inconveniencing pedestrians. The paver blocks are just lying there, without any worker coming to fix it or move it. A resident spoke of the unattended paver blocks and the inefficiency of the local corporators: Shiv Sena defected corporator now in NCP, Vithal More is the sitting corporator of this sector. Speaking to NMTV News, Vithal More gave a lame excuse of how the paver blocks were kept there to cover the storm water drain in the area. He said that the NMMC administration had passed a proposal before the election code of conduct but it was later realized that if the storm water drain was covered it would create flooding like situation during monsoons. Further justifying himself, he said that he was aggressively running to NMMC for getting the work done. This obvious wastage of public funds once again surfaces the need for citizens to take active participation the affairs of NMMC. With tax paying citizens not questioning their corporator about such wastage, the officials get an easy hand to demonstrate dereliction of duty by not bothering to keep a check on the contractor’s work. And in this vicious circle of corporator-contractor-officials nexus, Crores of public funds continue to go in the pockets of a few on such supposedly development projects which in the end becomes a nuisance for the public itself. With cameraperson Vivek Gaikwad, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV news.

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