In its endeavor to keep continue the city’s record of being free of polio the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s health department successfully conducted the pulse polio immunization drive in the city. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation carried out a pulse polio drive in the city. To combat polio, polio drops were administered at many stops arranged by Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation all over the city. Polio is a very dangerous disease and still inflicts children of our nation. Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has successfully diminished the disease completely according to its latest statistics. There are various pulse polio centers in the city that are well distributed in different nodes to ensure that every one can easily access the polio drops. The drive successfully worked through the day. The facility to take polio drops by the residents for further ease was made available at every convenient corner by way of mobile booths. Polio drops were administered to children through 111 booths at the railway stations, bus depots, ward offices, NMMC Hospitals and UHPs. During the last time round, nearly 99, 000 children were given polio drops. The mobile booths specially move in areas like quarry sites and slums and construction sites so that as many children can be covered. The NMMC will conduct the drive for six days and has formed 461 teams who can even go door to door.

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