pigieon-1The first Prime Minister of India Pt. Jawarharlal Nehru had always referred to pigeons as symbol of peace and who doesn’t know that pigeon hunting is banned but in a rather shocking expose it has been established that pigeon hunting has been taking place within the premises of the NMMC STP plants in Koperkhairane. These are the exclusive visuals of caged pigeons caught for hunting that we captured at the NMMC STP Plant at Koperkhairane. Some violators in definite nexus with the workers at the STP Plant trap these birds in a net and later on kill them for food. When the local police was tipped about this violated hunting of pigeons, two policemen dressed as civilians visited this centre. However, the violators turned out to be too smart for the police and managed to run away leaving behind caged pigeons and a motorcycle. The police freed the birds and removed the net from the centre. However, this has exposed a grave violation of laws taking place within the premise of a government body raising questions that still remain unanswered – for instance how can unidentified persons walk in a NMMC STP Plant and hunt pigeons, which is banned under the law without anyone from the NMMC staff knowing about it? And if tomorrow this negligence causes graver problems, who will be responsible? We tried to speak with the policemen on site who refused to speak to us on camera and stated that they could not comment without the permission of their seniors. After this we tried to speak with the employee of the STP centre who also refused to speak to us on camera and advised us not to telecast this report. Your channel will follow up the action that the police takes against the owner of the motorcycle seized and also on the action the NMMC administration initiates against the caretaker of the STP plant for shirking the calls of their duty. With cameraperson Mehboob Dhanse, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.

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