valmikinagar-2Its been three years that under the Valmiki Ambedkar Awaas Scheme, NMMC had constructed 70 flats on a 5000 sq mt plot in the MIDC region for the locals of Worlipada village but till date the houses are still awaiting their occupants. Lack of maintenance of these flats and deteriorated their condition. Under the scheme, the Centre had decided to facilitate the backward classes by providing them with adequate houses. The Centre had also provided funds to NMMC for the development of the same. In the year 2005, NMMC had constructed 70 flats on a 5000 sq mt plot in the MIDC region. However, the locals of Worlipada village for whom these flats were built are themselves not ready to live in it. The situation today is such that the houses are still under the contractor who built them. A security guard has been deployed who looks after the maintenance of the flats. However, the buildings are in a deteriorating condition due to lack of proper maintenance and slowly encroachments are also seen in the nearby areas. These 70 flats are a clear example of NMMC’s poor management in which it carries out work without even studying the project and taking out tenders in haste which ultimately comes out as a miserably failed scheme. Rajeev Mishra – NMTV News.

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