Under the Mumbai Region Municipal Act 1949, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport presented its annual budget of 2010-11 to the NMMT Committee. This year budget presented was of Rs 141 crore. The budget has focused on the workers union’s bonus schemes. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport presented its annual budget for 2010-11 to the transport committee. The General Manager of NMMT Jitendra Papalkar handed over the budget to the NMMT Chairman Umakant Naamwad. This year the budget has seen an increase than last year with NMMT presenting a total budget of Rs 141 crore. Last year the budget was of Rs 116 crore. From the Rs 141 crore, Rs 28 crore 50 lakhs would be to transport administration by NMMC as grants. Apart from this, NMMT would also receive Rs 4 Crore 88 Lakhs from JNNURM and Rupees 15 Crore 63 Lakhs from various other organizations, this added with the balance amount of Rupees 3 Crore 5 Lakh from the previous year’s budget, the administration would have a total grant of Rs 49 Crore 1 Lakh. In this years budget 150 buses would be procured by the administration under the JNNURM scheme. For a speedy upliftment of the transport facility, the budget also includes allotment of plots for bus depots and terminus at various locations in Kharghar, Dronagiri and Ghansoli, development of administrative building under the PPP basis, establishing a bus terminus outside railway stations and providing best of the facilities like LED, GPS and PIS in the 150 buses. The other highlights of the annual budget of NMMT of 2010-2011 are that there would be no increase in fares for commuters and there will be intensive bonus schemes for workers. The budget has been presented to the transport committee for approval. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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