While the NMMT bus stops are transformed into advertisement booths, ill-maintained dirty stops have added into the woes of Navi Mumbaikars. One of the common forms of transportation is buses. While several commuters travel from buses daily, it is not an easy ride for them as far as the bus stops are concerned. NMMT bus stops in Navi Mumbai have become rusting advertisement booths. These stops have sheltered different advertisement posters. Moreover, open gutters just behind the stops generate foul smell perhaps giving nightmares to commuters. Wrecked pavements and ill-maintained seats on these bus shades are adding to the commuters’ woes. While NMMT has constructed the stops, it has failed to maintain it. Furthermore on some of the routes, there are no bus shades or seats, which makes it difficult for commuters to bear the scorching heat. Ironically, the bus stops that commuters use are reeling under pathetic conditions while the bus stops where no buses stops are in tip top condition. These bus stops mostly fall on the Palm Beach road and city highway roads and despite no buses making a stopover on these bus stops, they are in good conditions only because they make prime spots for advertisements. Advertising agencies earn out of these advertisements and share revenue reportedly with the NMMT. When we tried to contact NMMT Transport Manager, Jitendra Papalkar, he was unavailable for comment. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV news.

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