NMMT is soon going to make its depots hi-tech which would help commuters to know about the arrivals and departures of NMMT buses. Soon commuters will have the benefit of knowing the timings of NMMT buses as the transport body has decided to install Global Position System at all bus depots and buses to help the waiting passengers know the expected arrival time, position of the buses and other details. He further stated that they have approached a Kerala based firm to install the same. With cameraperson Dyneshwar Mali, Shailendra Upadhdyay for NMTV news. NMMT BUSES ON CNG TAKE On the other hand, NMMT seems to be also doing its bit for the nature as it is soon going to install CNG stations at NMMT depots. Post this, diesel buses will be shifted to CNG contributing towards environment conservation. If NMMT does go by its words then very soon NMMT buses will be running on CNG thus freeing the city from air pollution. For the same it would be installing CNG stations at its depots. As of today, there are 281 NMMT buses. The management is planning to convert all the buses into CNG and the cost for converting each bus would go upto Rs 4 lakhs. Besides this, 300 private buses will be included in the fleet. With cameraperson Dnyneshwar Mali, Shailendra Upadhayay for NMTV news.

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