NMMT-Buses--3The Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport has started a scheme under which it would sell of its 75 buses to scrap. The decision comes in wake of the huge amount of funds spent on their maintenance round the year. These 75 NMMT buses were the first buses that were used to commence the start of the NMMT services to its commuters back in the year 1996. However, the maintenance of their wear and tear over the years has taken a huge toll on the funds of the department and the latter has finally to sell it to scrap. The administration claims that the buses caused intense air pollution. They also have taken cognizance of a High Court order that bans public buses that have run for more than eight years. While the rule is applicable for Mumbai, NMMT has voluntarily decided to implement this in Navi Mumbai. 100 news CNG buses will replace the old buses. According to records, Rs 2 lakhs is spent every year on NMMC buses repair and maintenance, yet 75 have turned to scrap. There is no smoke without fire. Reliable sources allege that over the years, in the name of repair and maintenance good and working spare part and tyres of NMMT buses are removed and sold in scrap or funds allocated never reach the buses at all. This is the prime reason behind the deteriorating conditions of NMMT buses. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Sudhir Sharma for Navi Mumbai news.


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