nmmt-strik--5Nearly 800 NMMT workers went on strike with tehir various demands. Their strike was to oppose the examination held for 8000 candidates when there still were many workers and employees of NMMT would were yet not made permanent. Around 810 NMMT bus drivers and conductors from Turbhe and Asudgaon bus depot went on a strike. Last week, NMMT administration had conducted examinations of 8,000 candidates for recruitment from all over Maharashtra. Presently these employed workers are working on contract basis for the last three years and are not yet made permanent. Other issues faced by the workers are the discrepancies in their salary slip which was also raised during this strike. The employees demanded that instead of recruiting new employees, the old ones should be made permanent first. The employees further accused the administration of lack of transperancy in their working. Due to this strike, only 30% NMMT buses were enroute. It was obvious that the real prey of the strike were the commuters who had to wait for hours at depots. It was a bleak sight to see empty buses standing idle at the depo. When contacted General Manager of NMMT Jitendra Papalkar, he said that demands were not legitimate and that they had followed the High Court’s order for the recruitment process. He blamed the issue on the contractors. On the workers allegation of teh administration cheating them off Provident Funds, Jitendra Papalkar gavihis clarifications. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV news.

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