Mangroves at the creek of Palm Beach road are mercilessly being cut down. What came as a shock was that the mangrove destruction is reportedly being done everyday on the proposed wetland center. Labors who were spotted carrying the cut mangroves say that they use it as fire wood. When a MOU between the Conservation Action Trust, CIDCO and the State Forest Dept. was signed in Mantralaya in the presence of Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, the city and concerned citizens heaved a sigh of relief that the mangroves stretch on Palm Beach Road had been saved from the clutches of the land mafia. At that time Debi Goenka of CAT and CIDCO MD G S Gill had spoken to NMTV News about their plans. That is why these visuals come as a shock and concern. In these visuals you can see labors cutting and carrying mangroves. Residents of societies residing bank opposite the mangroves stretch on Palm Beach Road informed NMTV News mangroves are cut everyday in the night and in the morning hundreds of labors come in different groups to collect it. Disappointed that authorities are not doing anything about the destruction of mangroves, residents say that authorities are just not bothered. At a time when global warming is no longer a concept or something that we just read in newspapers but steadily becoming an alarming reality, this unchecked destruction of mangroves is concerning. There seems to be no concrete action or attempt on part of authorities to protect or conserve the green mangroves which constitute a very important part of the ecological system. Besides several High Court ruling, even NMMC has put of boards on the stretch on Palm Beach Road warning of stringent action under the Environment Protection Act 1986. Besides this even the Indian Forest Act of 1927 under the section 29 and 33 states that the offender should be imprisoned for one year and fined Rs 2000 but unfortunately the preachers of the law are not practicing it once again threatening the existence of the luscious mangrove cover on Palm Beach Road. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam and Sudhir Sharma, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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