tmc-3The Thane Municipal Corporation’s Medical department is once again in the news for the wrong reasons. This time it is the alleged corruption prevailing in its medical tender that has come under the scanner. The matter came to light when TMC once again handed over the contract for its medical store to a contractor who was paying Rs 17 lakhs annually, very much ignoring the other contractor which was ready to ay Rs 60 lakhs annually for the medical store. The corporation is now suffering from a loss of crores of Rupees. A three year contract was handed over for the running of the Parel Chemist situated at Chhtrapati Shivaji Hospital at Kalwa. Ever year, TMC received Rs 1, 48, 000 from the contractor as rent. While the contract period had ended two years back, TMC’s negligence had led to the same contractor continuing his tender with TMC instead of the corporation taking out a new tender. The issue was raised in the year 2007 in one of the TMC’s General Body meet but then too the issue was not taken seriously and was stalled. The issue was once again discussed seven months later, where the General body once again stalled the matter. However, in the month of September the medical tender was brought in the General Body meet. Around 23 applications were received out of which eight were short-listed. The eight contractors were ready to pay more than what the former contractor was paying to TMC but the ruling front ignored all and ultimately gave the contract to the old contractor itself. However, the ruling party’s Leader of the House, Panduram Patil refuted the allegations. Interestingly, one of the eight contractors was ready to pay more than Rs 60 lakhs as rent to TMC for the Parel Chemist Store while another was ready to pay around Rs 30 lakhs, but call it the palm greasing or simple negligence by TMC that the contract was renewed with the former contractor at the same old minimal rate. With cameraperson Rajendra Prasad and Monika Bhosale, Archana Tripathi for NMTV News.

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