naglabandarHow lax can the state be and how hollow were the Chief Minister’s VRD’s plan of action as he told the media post the Mumbai terror attack? NMTV News exposes the answer to these questions with a report from Thane where the Nagla bunder, a coastline of Thane does not have a single police officer at the chowki at the coast line making posing grave danger and open invitation to terror activities. This is Nagla Bunder – a 400-year-old Nagla fort in Nagla port off Ghodbunder Road, is now a heap of ruins. The fort, which is set in a spot bordering the Thane creek and overlooking Yeoor hills made national headlines during the 1993 Mumbai blasts. On 2 April 1993, it was discovered that terrorists had transported deadly explosives including RDX, weighing 2,680 kg to this port, which was lying in the bottom of the Nagla Bunder near Thane. Had the police not found out the same and recovered the explosives before the underworld, the explosives had the potential to blow up Mumbai, Thane and half of Navi Mumbai. While this is a shocking piece of information, looks like it means nothing to the state government even after the Mumbai terror attacks. Who doesn’t know by now that the Mumbai terror attacks were carried out through sea route and the dangerous arms and ammunition brought to the city was done through sea. But even after that, the coastline of Navi Mumbai and Thane remained unmanned. What makes Nagla bunder more vulnerable is that if any assignment was brought in from here, the terrorists will get a perfect hide out in the Yeour jungles that border the port. When NMTV News spoke to the persons working on sand mining activities here, the labors and truck drivers said that they have never seen a single police officer at the site. And what you heard is not shocking enough. Take a look at what the contractor stationed at the site is saying. The contractor without any hesitance accepts that they all know that Nagla bunder was used to transport RDX in 1993 but despite that they carry all their activities in the sea from here without ever being questioned by the police on even a single occasion. The same day when your channel covered the report at Nagla Bunder, the same time on the other side of Mumbai, Chief Minister VRD was taking a press conference and boasting of all the plans they have made to counter attack the terrorist activities that includes smart cards for fishermen, speed boats and more vigilance for sea security at coastline. Even as politicians continue to harp on all that they will do post Mumbai terror attacks for the security of the city but Nagla bunder like city coasts are examples of the blatant lie that the politicians continue to make even after the most horrifying terror attacks shook the very roots of the financial capital of the country. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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