nmtv-global-114. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN ! MLA SANDEEP NAIK WINS NMTV PERSONALITY 2009 – HL As we enter 2010, it’s time to look back at those people who played a crucial role to shape our lives and bring development across the city to enhance the standard of living of the people. Every year NMTV chooses the personality who shows promise and excellence in their respective fields. However this year, you cast the votes and you made the choice. Yes, that’s right your channel’s most coveted award has gone public. And the moment has come to bring to you, your choice for NMTV Personality of the Year 2009. VOICEOVER Some names carry their own fate. One such destiny is taking shape inch by methodical inch, in the urban set up of Navi Mumbai. This name has successfully surpassed the weight of people’s expectations this year and has the right perspective that his job demands – meet MLA Sandeep Naik – People’s Choice of NMTV Personality of the Year 2009. SHOW VISUALS WITH MUSIC AND CRACKERS SOUND IN THE BACKDROP Call it an unprecedented response – your channel received 156 emails and 212 calls out of which 78 emails and 119 calls chose MLA Sandeep Naik for your channel’s most coveted award. The reasons for their choice were plenty. We bring to you the most popular reasons citizens sighted to chose Sandeep Naik as their choice.

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