sagar-naikCall it another NMTV Impact that after we took up the issue of time discipline expectations from the young Mayor of Navi Mumbai – Sagar Naik kept his word this time round – so much so that the general body meeting this week started dot at 11 am. It may be recalled that NMTV News aired a report on 29 May 2010 and reported that when Sagar Naik – the 23 year old nephew of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik took charge as the Mayor of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation – expectations were sky high – expectations from his work and conduct. Especially because Sagar Naik is Mayor in a house that has 34% youth as 30 corporators are below 35 years. However Sagar Naik did not live up to the expectations because he started his first general body meeting late. After the meeting NMTV News met Mayor Sagar Naik and asked him why he failed to set an example of discipline from day 1 because he was not punctual and started the general body meeting late. Sagar Naik accepted his mistake of not coming on time and assured that from the next meeting he would set an example for other corporators by coming on time. Despite assuring that he would set the right precedent Mayor Sagar Naik could not keep his assurance and for the second month in a row, started the general body meeting late. After the poor show of the ruling front for the second time in two months, we met Mayor Sagar Naik who again gave the excuse of having a pre-election meeting. He once again assured to come on time in the next meeting. And finally Mayor Sagar Naik kept his word this time round. Perhaps for the first time in NMMC’s history Mayor Sagar Naik walked inside the NMMC General Body Hall dot at 11 am and started the meeting. As the clock in NMMC ticked 11, Mayor Sagar Naik walked inside the NMMC General Body hall and commenced the meeting. And finally Sagar Naik was successful in setting the ideal precedent that one expects from a young politician of the nation. We once again caught up with the Mayor and spoke about the time discipline example set by him. Mayor Sagar Naik said that he had given an assurance to us and did not want to break it. He said punctuality is needed and was grateful to corporators for supporting him to bring discipline in the meetings. He said that under the guidance of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik his only aim is to conduct the public meetings with utmost discipline. We also spoke to NMTV Political Editor / senior city journalist Vishwarath Nayar who has reported NMMC General Body Meetings and Standing Committee Meetings since the inception of NMMC. Vishwarath Nayar said that the leadership in NMMC took the NMTV reports on time discipline seriously and as an outcome of this – the general body meeting started dot at 11 am. Recalling the indiscipline conduct of general body meetings of the past, Vishwarath Nayar said that Sagar Naik earnest attempts come in wake of the fact that he represent today’s youth. He added that Sagar Naik had taken the same time discipline to NMMC General Body meetings that MLA Sandeep Naik had showcased in three tenures of his Chairmanship of NMMC Standing Committee. Vishwarath Nayar enlisted some other areas where Sagar Naik was doing what was very much needed to stop wastage of precious time in monthly general body meeting. He hoped that Mayor Sagar Naik would continue to tow the same line that he embarked upon with the conduct of general body meetings in NMMC. By beginning the NMMC General Body meeting at dot 11 am, Mayor Sagar Naik has proven that he too has the enthusiasm, the excitement, the eagerness and the exuberance towards public service that one expects from a young Mayor of the 21st century city. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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