fortisa-pproved-2It’s an NMTV Impact. The NCP in NMMC has approved the 10% reservation policy for the poor at Fortis Hiranandani before the election code of conduct. The proposal was tabled today and approved with strict orders to NMMC administration who are to ensure that Fortis – Hiranandani does not violate any clause, else their agreement would be cancelled, reports NMTV Dy. Editor Sana Warsia. It’s finally been approved. After dilly dallying for years, the NMMC Standing Committee finally approved the 10% reservation policy for the poor at NMMC-Hiranandani-Fortis Hospital at Vashi. The proposal was taken up on priority right at the start of the Standing Committee meet today, after paying condolences to the victims of the Pune Bomb Blast. Then the members discussed the 10% reservation policy for the poor at NMMC-Hiranandani-Fortis in length for nearly and hour before MLA Sandeep Naik declared the proposal approved. The policy has been sealed with strict guidelines to the NMMC administration to ensure that all demands made by corporators are incorporated in the proposal and followed by Hiranandani-Fortis. If the latter does not any violation, then the NMMC would cancel the agreement with them. Addressing the media the Chairman of NMMC Standing Committee MLA Sandeep Naik gave an insight on the main highlights if the final policy. MLA Sandeep Naik informed that though delayed, the proposal has been approved. He said that the main issue of rates for implants, medicines and surgicals have been fixed at cost to cost and not market rate. The members have also ordered to fill the backlog of beds that NMMC is to get as per the agreement since the hospital became functional. He said that the Commissioner had confirmed that all clauses of members are acceptable to Hiranandani – Fortis and the quality and cost would be supervised by NMMC administration. MLA Sandeep Naik also informed that the NMMC has ordered Hiranandani-Fortis to not do any film shootings in the hospital premises. MLA Sandeep Naik said that Hiranandani-Fortis cannot violate any of the demands made by members in the policy and if they do, the agreement would be cancelled. He voiced satisfaction that finally the facility of super specialty at the poor man’s hospital will be now be open for the poor. Better late than never. Finally after five years, but atleast the NCP led by MLA Sandeep Naik had ensured that the 10% reservation policy for the poor at Hiranandani Fortis is brought into effect before the Election Code of Conduct. however, will be the policy be implemented in its true spirit is a wait and watch. NMTV will continue to bring to you every detail of how the policy is being implemented so that justice is done to the health riht of the poor. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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